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Welcome to BVN School,

1. Students are ordinarily admitted only at the beginning of the school year. New pupils must be personally introduced by their parents or guardians who will be responsible to the Principal for their regularity of attendance, studies and payment of fees.

2. Admission is done on the basis of an entrance test/interview. Admission to Nursery and K.G. are done after verifying the preliminary requirements. Admission to other classes depends on the numbers of seats available in those classes.

3. Admission from must be signed by the parents/guardians. The admission from should be accompanied by the original and Xerox copy of the authentic document containing the child's name and date of birth. The name and date of birth once entered in the admission register, cannot be altered. A normal passport size photo of the student has to be affixed on the application from.

4. In case of admission during mid session, attendance certificate from the previous school studied is a must along with the T.C.

5. The Principal has the right to refuse admission, to discontinue studies of any pupil whose conduct or attendance of progress is unsatisfactory, and to issue Transfer Certificate to pupils who have failed continuously for two years in the class. In such dismissal, no charge for the Transfer Certificate will be taken.

6. No new student is allowed to attend class without formal admission to the school.

Documents Required:

1. Proof of age (birth certificate)

2. Vaccination Card

3. Four photographs of the child.

4. One photograph of each parent.

5. Proof of residence address- Electricity Bill/Telephone( landline) bill/Current Bank Account Statement/- lease deed made six months prior to the submission of the application form along with an affidavit on stamp paper should be –submitted in case of rental accommodation.

6. Latest fee bill of the sibling currently studying in BVN.

7. Affidavit for the firstborn child.






To request more information:

Contact the Admissions Office

Mon-Fri 8am - 4pm


You can also request more information with this form:

Thanks for submitting!

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